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[JV] My team of 50 US-based writers, your KW research and SEO

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Lemonhead811, May 5, 2015.

  1. Lemonhead811

    Lemonhead811 Registered Member

    Nov 30, 2012
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    Hey BHW,

    I've recently gone from copywriting for a few SEOs, to hiring a team of 40 US-based writers that have all submitted test articles and have been approved by my partner (our main editor) and his editing team(I handle the writers and clients). All of our writers submit articles to us, and we then look over them before paying them out. You can expect that all content that we turn over will be perfect grammatically, on topic, and written with American English conventions. Our typical rates are $10 per 500 words, you can check out our site at maxwriting.com for writing samples and other information.

    If the content you are looking for is in one of the premium categories (health, gambling, and adult) we'd be looking to split the cost that we pay our writers. We have very high quality writers in all these categories and pay almost double to these writers-- so you'll have to help supplement expenses until our JV is turning a profit.

    Our turnaround time for your project will be 2-3 days.

    So, here's what we bring to the table: We'll write the content, add the content to Wordpress, format it, add images, tables, and input info for plugins such as EasyAzon, Yoast, etc.

    Here's what you bring to the table: You'll buy the domain and host it, you'll give us the topic or keywords for the articles, and you'll be in charge of SEO, of course.

    We can discuss the split based on the project. We're looking for proven SEOs, with monetization methods that they're experienced with. We're not here to waste time or money.

    You can contact me through PM, we'll communicate through Skype or email-- whatever you prefer.