[JV] My Marketing + Your SaaS idea and developement


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Mar 7, 2020
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Are you a talented developer with good programming skills and a brilliant idea for a SaaS?

You don't need to give up your dreams of making $$$.$$$ because doing Marketing AND coding a SaaS is too much for one single person.

I will handle the former with all its aspects: Web Hosting and Design, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, etc.

You will take care of the latter: Maintain the SaaS, keep updating it, and fix any bugs.

All revenue will be split 50/50, and a contract will be signed once things become serious.

P.S.: If you had already started developing a SaaS in the past and didn't finish it, or had an idea already blooming in your mind, now is your chance. Alternatively, I can do some research and suggest ideas for SaaS.

Hit me up to chat.
Hi there
We are creating a top notch SaaS just like serprobot :)
DM or PM me if you are interested to work with us

s1rvana#8780 (discord)
Would you be interested in this:
Interested we got afew AI SaaS projects, and are busy preferring it. Lagging behind in sales, if you’re still looking.. hit me up
My team has developed one of best AI powered chat platforms in current market. I am looking for top marketers and connections. Feel free to message me.
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