[JV] Looking for someone with SEO skills (lots of $$ potential)

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    Hi there,

    So I've been on this forum for a couple of years, lurking and browsing, but not made a penny from a method here. This is of course my own fault... up until very recently I had a nice income stream from something non-IM related, but now I'm pretty much a normal, broke student! I have no IM skills, but have been following crashed's challenge in order to start learning, and I hope to start making money through that, and other methods over the next few months!

    However, I've just bought some domains that contain keywords that are searched for a LOT on Google, and want to start making money on them. The obvious issue is that I don't have the skills to do this... so I'm looking for someone who does have SEO skills, and any other relevant skills to do the work to start making money on them. In return, you get a fixed commission from any money made.

    Some of these domain names are excellent, so there is a lot of potential for making money here continually. If you think you'd be interested in this please PM me and we can discuss it further... I'd prefer if you've been on the forum a while and can prove you have experience with this kind of thing though, in order to avoid wasting time!

    Looking forward to hearing from people! :)
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