(JV) Looking for owner of facebook pages and facebook accounts with frnds\followers

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    hello friends
    i have all things setup.
    website with adsense ads.
    I am lacking in website traffic only.

    if you have facebook pages or accounts with frnds and followers then this is a perfect jv for us.
    I have a bot of fb which comments on fb popular pages like follow me or add me boys.
    this way i recieve 50 frnd requests a day imagine if we make 10 accounts we will get 500 requests a day.
    i have tried creating facebook accounts but all got locked after reaching 100 requests.(it start asking me for uploading government issued id card.)If you can figure it out then knock me your skype id and we will discuss how we can bank hard.
    Also i am trying not to put all eggs in same basket as i will be monetizing the site with plugrush juicyads along with adsense.
    I am looking for a trusted member,our trust will increase along with increasing $$.
    if you have big facebook pages then we can also drive traffic through it.you can make me editor on your page and i will do all the work from scheduling posts to managing website.
    if you have money to invest in buying facebook pages then it will be awesome.i know many people who is selling pages but they are asking for which i dont have
    i dont have money to invest in pages.
    pm me your skype id for those who are interested
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