JV - Likes and Comments for Facebook Wall Updates! (High Profit) *Automated Income*


Nov 4, 2011
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My last thread got removed from BHW since it was posted in the wrong section (Making money), however it was given an okay response and I got approximately 50-60 PMs in a short amount of time.

What I do, is easily explained. I create illusions - Let say you have bought a huge chunk of fans for your FB page, these are probably fake. In this case, you'd be stuck with a rather big amount of fans, but you wouldn't have any activity on the site.

Here's where I step in and deliver the activity.
Today I have 400 FB Accounts, all made by hand (manually)

Lets say I got one account from the U.S. - Account will have one American name, I have assigned one American school (at info) + one picture. All profiles are closed, so the only thing that you actually can see is the info (where the school only will be displayed)
All other things are closed - You can't view what they write on the wall, you can't see their friends, you can't press the profile picture and you can't view what they have been liking.

We do this to protect our customers.

We're now looking to push our business and gather more customers. Therefore we would like to invite people and hopefully create some sort of JV where you get us the customers and you'll be rewarded with % for each customer.

Price plans below:

150-200 = 600$ /month (8-10 comments included per update)
200-250 = 700$ /month (10-12 comments included per update)
300-350 = 800$ /month (12-14 comments included per update)
350-400 = 900$ /month (14-16 comments included per update)

20-30 % will be given per customer

Note that the prices are monthly - We offer monthly plans since it's cheaper for the customers. We allow customers to post as many updates as they want during a 30 day period. We will like all of them, no questions asked.
We're much cheaper than our biggest customer http://www.splib.com - http://www.splib.com/buy-status-updates-wall-post-likes/

They're offering a price PER update, which isn't benefitting anyone but them.

Feel free to ask anything, we look forward to working with you

For the monthly price your charging, it's not worth it....

Just think of the money that could be spent on advertising instead of your fake likes.

Not dissing you, but maybe you could shape your idea into something more beneficial.
Fake isn't worth 1% of real.
Getting what you mean, but who will know it's fake? As I said, it's illusions. Let say a restaurant needs to push it sales and get more customers. This would suit them. I could post comments about their service, excellent food etc.
I think you've a nice idea, but your going about it wrong.

How about you target "Online Reputation Management" with your idea.

You mail out to businesses and tell them what you can do to restore or kick start their businesses online presence. Build them fake reviews on various sites, make their fan pages
look active.

For guys on here there's nothing in it for them, but in the offline world, your idea is already
being done and for big money.. I think you could have some good success trying that.
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So the facebook fans you sell are fake too?
So the facebook fans you sell are fake too?

Correct, these are set to bring activity to the page (and hopefully boost sales by me doing custom comments for the customer)
it's a very good idea.. but i think the price is too high. Just my 2 cents :)
it's a very good idea.. but i think the price is too high. Just my 2 cents :)

Depending on, if you're a medium sized business (like a restaurant) the price is one day or 1/2 days work. Splib.com takes 35$ for one update (100 likes), making it only possible to like 17-18 posts before you come upto my first price, which is 600$, but I allow you to post unlimited.
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