[JV] Invest in Running Webmaster Blog Monetize with Affiliate Programs Good ROI

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    I'll cut straight to it.

    2 year old domain - PR 2 (check it out http://www.webmastershelpguide.com/)

    I took the site down for a long time, made some posts last month and got 205 unique visitors, been advertising and linking a lot over the last month, in the past 8 days I have got 225 uniques.
    Very little traffic is coming from SERPs as I can't find any good and easy keywords.

    Use my twitter for some traffic: http://twitter.com/OfficialWHG
    Just made a facebook page, and also use my digg account with 428 followers to help get some traffic

    The blog is written for webmasters, on the friendly side trying to help them, I plan on promoting some affiliate programs through it (Article Marketing Robot, Ultimate Niche Finder are just some thoughts)

    I'm not too fussed on what we do with the blog, I just want to make some long term money! We could try and run it as a Authority blog like Yoast, and post very valuable content or just try and promote affiliate products..

    I want someone who can bring some ideas to the table, find some good keywords that we can rank for together, just generally run it with me.

    I'm flexible for ideas, the percentage of profit is negotiable (up to 50%) I would like some monetary investment put in as well as time, as I've paid a fair bit on the domain in the past 2 years.

    PM Me!:cool: