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    (I'm posting here because I don't seem to be able to post in the JV threads because of...well...I'm guessing posts?)

    I have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get in on the ground floor for this new product launch that will be focused on the US market.

    It is designed to replace Social Security/ end game of retirement funds.

    Target Demographic:​

    18-35 y/o Women
    Investors (Any sex)​

    The product has multiple levels buyers can purchase into and the payout is through a flat rate commission no matter what they buy into.

    I've not been so great at the Internet Marketing game, as I'm still learning (obviously) and have focused in the offline market. As a result, I have been one of the selected few to market this product, and would love to expand this into something greater.

    Who is this for?​

    Someone who sees potential in banking $100 a pop to the people scrounging to replace their Social Security for a TAX FREE income from their investment. A SECURE product that guarantees the customers a way to invest their money and never lose a dime on it, even if the economy goes to hell.
    NO refund bounces. Even if the customer opts out of it later on down the road...Guess what? That is on the company, not me, not you.

    Anywhoo, I'm willing to speak to someone who can deliver a strong market plan for this and make the conversions roll in.

    Can you get 100 people to open the e-mail and buy in-- To hop in a landing page and immediately want to join in? That is $10,000 to you. No kidding.

    Thanks for taking a look! Whether you are an Inboxer, an Affiliate Marketer, or an Affiliate Company Owner--- Whatever the case, I want to see where this can go!

    We'll have tracking on the conversions, so you'll know how much is coming through for you.

    Sorry for the jumbled thoughts on here...I'm scatterbrained from getting it set up.