|JV| I provide 10x4Cores/4gbRAM/windows2008 dedicated servers

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    i am renting 10 dedicated servers located in California every month,
    they cost 1.5k monthly but i get them 3 times cheaper,
    i am running specific software on them, that needs this type of setup,

    but still they can be used for other things using like 40-50% of resources now,

    i am looking for someone who can put them on good use,
    and share with me some % of revenue,
    i will be doing all manual work,
    just shoot me a pm for more details, your ideas, offers...

    i have some good mailing, seo tools, good email lists, mailing is my specification, but more of linux, server side mailing, so those windows boxes dont have lot of use to me,

    server specifications -

    Intel Xeon X3430
    4Cores/2.40GHz/ windows2008 servers
    4 gb ram
    64-bit Compatible
    8 MB Cache