[JV] I Produce High Quality Videos (You Rank Them) 50/50

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    I produce high quality videos with professional voice overs. I have a batch of videos for a niche I used when I was just starting out in internet marketing. The method was sending YouTube traffic to Clickbank. I know the conversions are not what most people are after but I was making a few hundred dollars a week with lesser quality videos 2 years ago.

    What happened?

    I had one youtube channel that I used when I was first starting out. I had over 50 videos uploaded to that channel. Basically, I was just throwing a bunch of shit against the wall to see what would stick and make me money (creative commons, adsense, low quality custom videos, etc.). About 30 videos into my journey I made a 2 decent videos for this niche. They went on to do well. I had my clickbank cash out number set at $1000 and I was reaching that mark every month. The videos were ranking decently but there were just starting to scratch the surface of their potential....

    ...and then my channel was terminated for one of the low quality BS videos that I made before I knew any better. (It was the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT lesson I could have learned. I only build businesses on a solid foundation now)

    Why don't I just do it myself?

    By the time my channel was terminated, I had already moved onto other projects. However, I always felt like I was leaving that easy money on the table. So I spent a few days last year creating a new batch of higher quality videos. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time on my hands so my attempt to rank them was less than half-hearted. Another year has passed and I realize that I am never going to do anything with them.

    The offer:

    I am looking for a ROCKSTAR to rank the videos... 50/50 split with a Clickbank affiliate JV contract. Clickbank has the contract in place already. All we have to do is set it up and all the earnings will automatically be split between our clickbank accts. The contract can be set up so that the only way it can be terminated is if both parties mutually agree.

    I am looking for someone WITH EXPERIENCE that knows what it takes to rank a video these days in youtube AND GOOGLE. The videos are already uploaded and optimized. If for some reason, you would like to upload them from scratch yourself, I would be ok with that. However, I think the age on the videos would work to our advantage. The niche is NOT internet marketing related.

    If the videos start generating decent traffic, we can eventually use the traffic to build an email list and market the product through our list to boost the conversion rates. I usually hold off on that part until the traffic starts to come in. I never got to that point last time so the $1000 per month was truly only scratching the surface.

    Beyond this batch of videos:

    If things go well, I would be willing to make more videos for different niches and keep this thing rolling. Video production has become a passion for me. I enjoy it very much. I don't enjoy the ranking side of it nearly as much. I would happily take 50% and spend my day doing something I love.

    Finding an ongoing partnership would be the goal. I probably could invest some time into this batch of videos and make some money but it would be more profitable for me in the long run to find a partner and get this thing firing on all cylinders.
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    Add me on skype so we can discuss it.