JV I have a website and you have UK email leads - w0rkwear cl0thing - Tradesmen etc

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to give everyone on BHW the opportunity to start a JV with us to help promote our website and of course make both of us some cash.

    We currently have an ecommerce shop selling workwear and leisure clothing with a range of 1,000 (soon to be 1,800) products, priced VERY competitively. The majority of our customers are types of tradesmen and the best selling products are in the PPE (personal protective equipment) range, jackets and t-shirts.

    We are looking to do JV with people that have targeted UK mailing lists and that would be interested in a CPA deal (much preferred) to mail our flyer.

    We have the capability to send mails, but of course there is no objection if you want to do it yourself.

    We have a flyer designed and ready to go, it may need a few tweaks here and there but the majority of it is there:

    Here is the website if you want to have a look:
    Or if you dont have any email lists but your good at diverting traffic then we can also discuss affiliate options.

    If you have any questions then please pm me or reply here!