[JV] Have A Site With Tons of Downloads? Get In Here!

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Jcsarokin, Aug 2, 2009.

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    I'm going to basically put a rough rundown of what im looking for , ill also put a link to my website where I describe it in more detail if your interested.

    Basically if you have tons of downloads on your site per day because your offering a free download of ebooks, software, wallpapers, games, etc. I have had a script developed to monetize it. Its not a codebreaker type thing, neither is it ppi or anything of that nature.

    I wont be showing anyone the script until we are forsure doing the JV , but I will explain it further for people who indeed have sites with large numbers of downloads per day.

    This is going to make you a lot of $$, and its completely white hat, and approved by all the networks taking part in this.

    Payment structure is as followed:

    50/50, Payments by Paypal (weekly or monthly depending on volume of leads per day/week)

    Here's the "Official" post. Not much in there that I didn't put here. Pm or msg me on here rather then there.

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    I've seen the script in action, and I can backup Jcsarokin's claim's for the potential.

    Nice job man :)
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