JV for the NEXT BIG THING in online gaming

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Dubbletoke, Oct 29, 2010.

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    This is completely serious and will more than likely be the next big thing in online gaming (gambling).

    The president/owner of the multi-million dollar corporation where i am employed has asked my advice on his latest investment. Which is an up-and-coming gaming site that will be doing something completely different than every other gambling/casino site out there. I wont go into details but from what i've heard and seen its going to be big....

    I don't need any investors, or money of any kind. What I need is an Experienced Web Developer/Designer that can make a very professional looking page & someone that can put together several youtube videos we can watermark. Hopefully i can find one person that can do both or help with both.

    This company was already offered 150mil for the website/project and it hasn't even launched. Its projected to earn 125mil in its first year. And I want in on the ground floor to get a piece of that pie. He has introduced me to one of the board members of the company and when i started talking about internet marketing he became very interested at hearing my ideas. I now have been invited to beta test the pre-launch site and i am going to have access to certain details about the site and what its going to entail that no one else in my position will have... I'm thinking that will give me an edge :)

    If you are interested in working with me on this hit me up with a PM or contact me directly through skype (chris.barnes27). Native english speaker required and would prefer someone in the lower 48 states that i would be able to have regular phone conversations with. split will be 50/50 across the board for anything we both work on together.

    P.S. don't contact me and expect me to spill the beans all at once :p