[JV] for someone who like to travel..

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    well i am looking for someone who have passion for travel and would like to travel around india with me...

    this project is quite tedious....

    it start with selling http://www.vintagehandmadeleatherbag.com/ these bags on ebay and a ecommerce site to raise funds.....these bags and a lot of leather products are produced here in my city "udaipur - rajasthan -india"...and than scaling up to get into a travelling company

    how much investment?

    well as such i already have a cafe here in leading tourist area of udaipur...i have some decent contacts with manufacturers ....as such you dont have to bring in any investment...you just have to be present here with me and advice me ...i gonna provide you a place to live and all meals of the day....a bike to travel in the city....

    a little about project?

    well the project is really a big one...we will have to travel a lot....as there are many manufacturers in rural india selling handmade products and crafts...which we can sell for over 300% profit...we start from rajasthan and train these guys to post there products on our site (a ebay clone site).....

    marketing strategy?
    i am planning to start with ppc as it takes a while to rank a new website.....facebook viral marketing....and offline calling....

    well the products http://www.vintagehandmadeleatherbag.com/ on this site will cost us not more then 20$ ...i mean the highest price will be 20$ + 15$ shipping worldwide.......and they are sold for well over 160$....see over this link http://anonym.to/?http://www.billygoatdesigns.com.au/products.htm#Accessories ..

    any questions post it here.....