JV for ebook/box set idea


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Dec 16, 2008
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hey im looking to jv with someone for an idea I had for a box set that could potentially sell thousands of copies. I dont know but it could also be illegal so if it is we will not be able to do it. I'm looking for someone that would be able to make an ebook or dvd sets and get them shipped out. Or have the money to invest to do this. and I'll do all the marketing online and create the site etc. If you can pm me and I'll tell you the idea and you will know how big this could be. This will become a huge clickbank product and affiliates will love to promote this niche it is pretty much untapped.
your idea is sound but i would to need to know more details before agreeing on a deal.
no more pms please i need to figure out if this will work first.
drop me a pm if still interesed , i can help you
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