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    Hello Black Hat World,

    I'm offering a joint venture opportunity that is open to any trustworthy, reputable BHW member that can drive targeted traffic to a website. I am asking for 100-200 members a day to my website without using Search Engine Optimization. I'm looking for a partner who can do this and can be here for the long haul.

    My website is service based, and the service can bring in $X,XXX-$XX,XXX per client. I am looking for someone who knows tactics and can apply them to my website to reap the benefits of a highly converting website.

    Currently, my site has some decent SEO that brings in 4-7 visitors a day, and one client every 1-2 weeks. Look at the opportunities here. It's massive.

    - Partner will be paid through PayPal based on a percentage agreed upon- 20%-30% preferably.
    - If you can not bring in on average of 500 visitors a week, you will not be paid for the traffic you provided. I will provide daily screenshots of Analytics or we can use some sort of alternative.

    Please PM me with the following information:

    -- Your Skype/Aim/IM
    -- Your general method of advertising/promoting/driving

    Let's get RICH.

    Serious Offers Only.