[JV] Can you design? Do you have spare time? Make money with me!

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    Long story short.
    I am a Android and iOS game developer ( mainly Android now, will start iOS soon. )

    As far as my concern i am looking for fun games to create which are able to generate a income.
    Once a income stream is ready i will start creating bigger games. But this post is not about the bigger one.

    I have created a quiz system that is easy to re-skin and build but because of some money trouble i only have a few hours a day to work on this project..

    Good thing though, the system itself is (almost)ready to start generating!

    So, how my system works now.
    1. I create a nice design for my quiz ( game design and a logo + app icon ).
    2. I create a excel sheet with all my questions , rewards etc.
    3. Run the excel file through my custom made software so it will be compatible with my game.
    4. Job done. Game created.

    What you need to do to join me
    I will send you a PSD file. This way you will have a example of how a quiz can look and what buttons are in it. With this file you can create your own design.
    Rules? It needs to have the same buttons. That's it! The complete design is up to your imagination.

    I will also send you an example excel sheet. This way you can create your own with all kind of questions you like.

    So in short terms:
    1. Create your own design based on my PSD ( see it as a basic template ).
    - Also a logo + game design icon
    2. Slice the new generated design ( so i got all images separated )
    3. Create a excel sheet with your questions and answers.

    What will you earn?
    The reason i don't have enough time is because i got to work since i don't have enough money to keep me running yet.
    This means i will not pay you on forehand. The deal will be 25% of all revenue earning with your created design/quiz.

    Why would you do this?
    Well, we all know that the mobile market is huge but a lot of people lack the knowledge to create a game for smartphones.
    In my opinion this is a great chance to earn money in this market without the right knowledge. Again, all you got to do is design and make up the questions.
    This is easy money if the app starts generating revenue. And i am sure they will. I did a project like this before and it well.. Made me pretty rich back in the day.

    Am i limited?
    Nope, make as many designs/quizzes you like. You can do this within every category etc.

    If you got the time to join me please do so. It really is interesting for both of us.
    All you got to do are the points mentioned above. I will send you all needed info including sizes, what to design etc. etc.
    I will launch the app and i will keep you up-to-date about all stats/revenues etc.

    If you need any information or you want to have the info files please let me know in a PM or comment on this topic.