[JV] Buying, Renting and JV on Videos

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    Currently I am working on a youtube project that I am looking to upscale.

    I will hire you to make tech tutorial video with narration to put on my youtube channel.

    There will be multiple options on how you can be paid:

    1. I will buy the video outright (depends on quality but from $2.50 - $10; I own the video rights) [On select videos only - I hold the right not to buy]
    2. I will rent the video for a small weekly fee (after which I will take it down and its yours to use) [paid net30]
    3. You'll JV with me and I'll pay you per 1000 views with no max payment ($.50 - $1 per thousand depending on quality) [paid net30]

    There are bonus ways to earn for partners that I will explain during the video creation process.

    My view method is based off current pay per view and view share communities but with multiple additional methods of security to prevent account banishment.

    Each video will have some requirements it must meet.