JUSTIN BIEBER, She's only 3-YEARS OLD!!! wtf! Make sure u watch it till the end!

Very old

check this:

Why is a 3 year old watching music videos?

That's the part I don't get.

And why is a 3 year old crying about Justin Beiber??

And why is this on Jimmy Kimmel???

Jimmy Kimmel should go back to doing The Man Show.
WTH,was this stage managed?
Just my thoughts...
i'm amazed at how much of a following Justin Bieber has. whomever is behind him is banking so hard right now off this lil kid.

they say that a persons mind is the most impressionable when young...Justin Bieber is going to have hardcore branding for LIFE from having such a young crowd as his target audience.. just like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, JTT, etc. Must be nice to be the owner/manager of a child celeb superstar eh? ;)

Give him 5-10 years he will be another Lindsay Lohan but until then $$$$ make off this person!
For some odd reason, I do not think the little girl in the vid is really doing all that crying. Looks like it is all staged for the camera.

I could be wrong because most parents (at least in the US) sit their kids in front of the TV because it is cheaper to have the TV babysit/entertain the child than to hire a nanny/an au pair.
I do not think the little girl in the vid is really doing all that crying.

As A Dad of two I can tell you that kids will turn it on and off like a tap when the mood takes, crocodile tears =o)
You RAGE you lose
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