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    Well To be honest and precise with everybody. I am a new Part Time internet user. As far as learning new things from this website.The experience has been a great one.I need somebody to guide me. :

    I am having trouble in getting indexed my blogger account blog on Google. I've studied most of the white hat seo techniques and so far i haven't been successful in getting my site up..

    I usually build blog websites. When out of nowhere i find a keyword with less competition and a rare one. I actually build it; further i do some seo. Then i get demotivated all the time. then after few days i start a new one. This keeps going on.Anyways without finding any luck

    i use blogger sub domains " does that actually affect seo"...?

    Yes i cant Buy domains " because i don't have an online credit card neither does paypal works in my country i-e Pakistan.

    What is the best way of blogging and earning some decent cash from blogger?. Don't tell me the interaction things . Ways to interact. That will be realised by Big G. That i have something right for its spoons.

    Do i have to edit the blog template or anything.

    Steps i've been doing in Seo

    " keyword density " is taken in consideration. No duplicate content.
    "less competition good keywords " good trends .Meta tags.back links on good directories. etc etc
    etc etc.

    Please let me know in points what exactly should i be doing for blogger sub domains . I would highly appreciate your kindness.Thanks
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    to gety indexed just submit your site to digg and the likes. usually works within a few hours. if not comment on a few popular blogs.

    start one blog on a topic, and make a seperate post for the best related longtail keywords.
    at least 20.

    build links to the inner articles with the longtail keywords as anchors. match them with the article offcourse.
    directory submisions wouldn`t be my choice, and the good ones don`t accept innerpages or blogspot anyway.

    if you pick keywords with not to much competition, you should be well on your way after this.

    the key is promotion.. if you just put an article up, and don`t build links to it, it will never take off..
    just stick with it.
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