Just Thinking Outside The Box Can Make Profits Rise Tremendously

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    This thread is for all those in the box / noob thinkers who take methods etc. from the forum and try to replicate them 100% and have no luck. I have to stress on this forum that thinking outside of the box which can very easily be done can raise your profits tremendously. Here is how I know...

    About 30 minutes ago I was thinking about trying to promote ClickBank products for some extra money in my pocket. Even though I have no real experience promoting CB I have made money writing articles / etc so promoting would be no problem it would just take hours and hours of precious time. Also with these hours of time I am not focusing on my real skills which have made me the most money in the past so writing articles etc. would probably take me hours.

    So I got to thinking about ways I could earn money with CB without all the work by thinking outside the box. Now I can't tell everyone my idea but I am positive it will work... I will say I am going to sell these sites a service and I am positive I should at least get 5-10% conversion rate when selling my service to these individuals.

    Anyways CB could be profitable if your skill is in promotion such as article writing / press releases etc. but mine is not. I have seen people work weeks and weeks and make $100-150 with long hours. Now with my out of the box thinking I have transformed hours and hours of labor for $100-150 to $500-1000 every week or two with only 14 or so hours a week.

    Like I said I am stressing for everyone who thinks inside the box to think outside for once... think about your skill set and what your good at and you should be able to earn more with less labor.
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    So whats the method your using now? j/k

    I agree you always got to be thinking in ways others arn't. Im still learning the basic stuff, gettin a good feel for thinks. Once I feel like I have everything down that I should know, then I can expand and "think outside the box" cause right now Im still learning whats inside the box.