Just starting out? A Simple Way to Get Started "Making Monies On the Internets!"

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    Simple, easy and will bring in money, subscribers
    and traffic day after day after day.

    That's what we want...right?

    In fact...if this project is up your alley. This
    could be the only project you need.

    So what is it?

    We want to capitalize on OTHER peoples
    assets using "ride alongs".

    Do what?

    If I didn't lose you already...

    Here's an example that I did...

    When a new product in one of my niches came out
    (not my product), I wrote a little report that they included.
    Inside the report was a kick ass strategy...and a link to
    sign up for my list.

    Here's another example:

    I had a cool report written on Hoodia (a very popular
    weight loss supplement). This report goes into GREAT
    detail about everything Hoodia and FAQ's that most
    folks have about Hoodia. Inside the report is my affiliate
    links for a popular Hoodia product.

    I simply offer this report to webmasters and list owners
    in the diet and exercise industry that are good matches:


    I was earning $200 a day within a month.

    Do you see how it works and how simple it is?

    I get free distribution.

    They get ADDED value for their subscribers, buyers and/or

    It is win-win. And you can do this.

    It's not original and it's not rocket science but it works.

    And you can get started for free...

    Or pretty cheap by hiring a ghost writer or camtasia guy.

    Here's the major steps:

    1. Pick a niche where you know money is being made. Competition
    really doesn't matter. In fact, it's BETTER in a competitive market.

    2. Look at what is being offered and brainstorm simple ways
    an ebook, video or audio could add value.

    3. BEFORE you spend your time and money creating
    it...talk with webmasters and see if they would be interested
    in distributing "your idea"...and get their FEEDBACK.

    (Simply go to Google and type in the keywords. Then
    visit those sites and look for the contact info. Just send
    them a simple email...just talk to them...don't make it all

    4. Once you have positive feedback, decide what you
    want to do. Do you want to include an affiliate link, a
    link to your own product or do you want subscribers?...
    Then GET GOING and create that report, video or audio...

    5. Then go back to those webmasters that gave you
    positive feedback and let them have the "ride along".

    6. Make sure they follow through. If not, find out why.

    7. Find other similar webmasters to distribute. Use the
    webmasters you already have as references if need be.

    Remember to be flexible. You can ride along on a

    1. Thank you page
    2. In the download page
    3. As a link on a website
    4. As a mention in a newsletter
    5. As a bonus
    6. As an UPSELL.
    7. 100's of other ways

    Now look. Don't make it hard!

    Are you good with Camtasia?

    If so...this is super easy.

    Think of all the ebooks just on Clickbank alone. You
    could simple contact a POPULAR VENDOR and
    see if they would like a VIDEO to include in their product.

    Most webmasters DESPERATELY WANT to offer
    video...but don't have the time, talent or inclination to
    do it.

    You can give it to them!...on the video just make sure
    you put YOUR website link in the caption.

    This is so win-win. The webmaster can even
    charge MORE now that he has video...and you get
    the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAFFIC you can get...


    ...and it will only turn off...if he goes out of business.

    You should EASILY be able to put one of these deals
    together in a week.

    And if you pick a big enough niche...all you have to do
    every week is find another webmaster to use "your stuff".


    Now...I don't want to fill this with hype. But, it is important
    that you understand that JUST ONE webmaster can
    make YOU SIX FIGURES a year. A friend of mine has about 4
    product owners that bring him 150-200K each.

    Think high priced niches with high ticket solutions to problems.

    And something even more important than the actual
    nitty gritty details...is the MINDSET behind this.

    You can have ANYTHING you want. EVERYTHING
    you want is in someone elses hands right now...and
    they will GLADLY give you a piece...if you find a way
    to be of service to them.

    This would be a perfect project for just about anybody starting out.

    So get to work and you could be making a couple hundred a day inside
    of 2-4 weeks.


    Also, get your report out on eBay, download sites, social marketing, etc. That works too...But the fastest easiest money is in finding webmasters that want to offer their people good free content and the price you charge them is your affiliate links...
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    You sure you didn't...copy and paste this...I don't really give a shit. Good article.
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    LOL, the blueprint was sitting in my documents folder since last year and there have been a lot of "how do I make $500 a day by next tuesday" posts.

    I added quite a bit to it though.

    I thought it was perfect for the new marketer or guy starting his first list.

    I've been doing this strategy since last July, it TOTALLY works, and ANYONE can do this.

    You'd be surprised when you go to non IM markets "hint, hint" how receptive website owners are when you tell them you have some great content to give their people.

    In the IM market I haven't had great results. Don't bother with it. IMers generally just steal the content and replace my links with theirs, LOL, I'd probably do the same thing...

    If you pick the right niche most of these guys are just incredibly happy to get the free book or article.

    There's a world of money out there for anyone that can help non-IM niches by providing good content, with your aff links included of course:)

    Try it, you'll see...
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    That right there...should be stickied.

    Every new member in the forum should be FORCED to read this!