Just starting off...some questions!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by moonie, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am sure you remember me. I stated back in May that I could not wait until school was over because then I could focus on Blackhat World.

    Well now, I am down to Earth about it but very confused. I have researched and hesitated to ask these questions (they seem noobish) but I need a little help if you all do not mind.

    I have researched and made a little cash here and there but:

    1) Is blanking the ref better or faking it? I personally do think faking it is better but then there are times when someone tells me to blank it is better. Also, about faking the ref, is this the only to do it? http://www.contentgeneration.org/how-to-fake-a-browser-referrer-for-blackhat-cpa/

    2) What do they see on the other side? In other words, what do they have to see in order to pay you?

    3) What makes them raise the red flag? I was getting leads for auto insurance and the manager banned me in a few days. I was taking coaching at this time and I do remember the coach never mentioned thing about faking the ref and he never mentioned anything about CTR or conversion being too high. Looking back, I think that is it now. But what does raise the red flag?

    4) Any other tips or comments you may have.

    Thank you so so so much.
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    I have been using the method you linked in Question 1 for the last 6months, and it has worked really well. I have had no problems with it yet.
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    When you use fake ref, make sure that you also get more traffic so that your conversion rate is not too high.