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    Sony pictures has been doing some early screenings of The Social Network, and I managed to get an invite to a screening earlier tonight. Not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but if you're into FB it's watchable. Overall I'd give it a C+. I'm somewhat disappointed in it, as I had heard great things.

    My opinion was probably skewed by the experience of it since they were being total control freaks about security. They made everyone check their cell phones at the door (they were using a metal detector wand to make sure you had nothing else in your pockets), had several people whose sole job it was to watch the audience throughout the film to make sure no one managed to sneak any recording devices in, every seat was filled, and the theater got to about 95 degrees, which didn't help...by the end I was very glad it was over.

    All in all though, the movie itself is entertaining enough to go see once if FB interests you at all. Basically the whole story is told through flashbacks during depositions for 2 lawsuits that were filed against him. They do make Mark look like a socially retarded a**hole, which I think was the whole point of the movie. Supposedly an early cut of the film involved a scene where cocaine was snorted off a girl's naked breasts in Sean Parker's presence, and the Facebook folks had a cow when they heard about it. In the final movie, the scene is there, but the breasts aren't. So Facebook had at least some control over the content of the film....I'm just curious what else they were able to nix.
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