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    Hello guys,

    Since a month or 2 I am working on a project. The scripts have been written, the layout is done, the content is slowly rising...

    I thought it was time for a lay-back and try to work for one more hour after this post and a cig, it is really the immense repetitive work that kills our focus from time to time. Luckily we can automate a lots of stuff; mass twitter posting, account creation, forum posts, e-mail responding, blog posting,... and so on..., I believe that is absolute amazing and I thank the Internet to make this stuff freely available, but!

    Some work just can't be done automated, computers can't think logical. Sure, data can tell us the most cool things and lets us make good suggestions and decisions. But the one things it fails is gutfeeling, all the data in the world on which computers can make decisions is never based on this natural and highly evolved thing called gutfeeling.

    Einstein didn't knew all the answers in the beginning (also not in the end, but he discovered some things), my guess is that in the beginning he just knew something awesome was there and he went for it.

    Unfortunately when you go for a gutfeeling project you have to put some human efforts in it too. Making good lists, twitter and Facebook updates, answering e-mails, blog posting,... all require working hours, all require real efforts. But worse: All require 80% repetitive work, and you know, that sucks! :)

    So... this where my thoughts, any suggestions? :)