Just Picked Up Some Gunnar Optiks - Quick Review

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    I've been using the Gunnars for a day now and I wanted to leave a quick review of them in case anybody is on the fence about buying them.

    I bought mine at best buy. If your going to do that ask about getting the gaming magazine because there is a $20 coupon in there. The magazine costs $5 so you can save yourself $15.

    The packaging on these things is that hard plastic stuff that sucks to open. Use scissors and some impatience - try not to cut yourself up too much.

    I was actually surprised at the frame on these things. I'm pretty sure I bought a gaming model and not a computer one so the frame may be different on the computer ones but on the gaming one I bought it's flimsy. A bit off putting for eyeware - but at the same time that flimsyness makes it flexible so I'm not really sure what to think of it.

    Mine came with a cloth case that doubles as a cleaner. No hard case came with them.

    But the important bit is the actual lens. The first time I put them on it was a trip. I thought these were just going to be a tint of yellow. It's actually more than that!

    The lens magnifies everything a little bit so it's really weird at first. But once your eyes adjust to that it's pretty cool. Everything on the screen seems enhanced. It's easier to read text because it's a little bit bigger and when your looking at anything that's bright the color look very vivid.

    As far as eye strain goes, I had them on for a few hours yesterday (probably 5-6) and experienced no eye strain at all - which also means no headaches! So far so good with these things.
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