Just Looking For Some Feedback On a Few Ideas (Review,Giveaway and reward/Survey Blog)

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by gjrb29, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Wow its great to be back on this site...I have been caught up in work and just other life situations. I never forgot about BHW. This site was always good to be dating back to those AC writing days. ;)

    I am planning on starting a blog to make some money of course. :cool: I have some of my tax return money (firm believer in "It takes money to make money" saying) I am planning on using to get it up and running.

    1.) Giveaway Site/Blog

    2.)Review and Giveaway Site/Blog

    3.)Survey/Reward Site/Blog

    I am really aiming at 1 and 2 (but not ruling out 3). I understand that #3 would generate revenue from the surveys or offers completed by users. But how do giveaway sites generate revenue? I am planning on using my own money during the start for the giveaway in order to get it started than hopefully having enough traffic and win situations of sponsor to want to put up some of their product for giveaway.

    My main goal is cash giveaway, electronics giveaway and discount(coupons/promo codes on electronics).

    Any ideas, advice or feedback is very much appreciated.
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    In the world of digital technology, giving away a cash prize seems ineffective and like a waste of resources to be honest. I think you're much better off finding a discounted digital product to give away.
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    InTheMoment has a point here - giving something "away" diminished it's perceived value.
    You can give a solid discount on the product and conversion will be much faster.

    Everyone is so suspicious about "free stuff" these days :(