Just how strict are .org.au registrations?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by partymarty4870, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I come from a land downunder
    I've just tried to register a couple of .org.au domains and have been asked to provide the following info

    "What is the nature of information/business proposed of this domain name? Is it non-profit?"

    Now I can bluff that easy enough. I'm just going to throw one in my private network and age the other.

    BUT (and there's always a BUT isn't there?)

    I do plan to monetize it in a year or so, and monetize it in a big way. This site will have over a year of work on it by the time it becomes a "for profit" site, so I don't want any hassles down the line.

    This is the only domain I could find that I'm willing to sink this much work into, as it contains an action word followed by a gun keyword and is very very brandable. The site design and database access will cost me over $30,000. So I'm pretty serious about this one.

    Anyone had any experience with this?
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    I'm not sure who strict they are but, I'd say there's a good chance of losing it down the line. All it would take is one bad report from a competitor.