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    I have a legit, non-spam twitter account for my site that I've been running tweetattacks and tweetadder on for the past year or two to unfollow and follow people to build followers.

    Today, I got suspended for "following too aggressively" but have never had any problems before and once I ticked a box agreeing to stop using any software and "follower churning", they gave me my account back. Today, I had only followed about 250 people which is a fair bit less than sometimes but had unfollowed probably around 1000 which I guess was what did it.

    I was just wondering what numbers would be safe to follow/unfollow each day to stay under the radar and if I get caught again, will I get permanently banned or just another warning? Also, can anyone suggest any other good methods for getting real followers who are interested in your tweets and following you with no ulterior motive (eg a follow exchange site) besides mass following/unfollowing?
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    After the first time you're suspended, it is very likely you will be suspended again for aggressive following/unfollowing.

    If your account has over 2,000 followers, it should be safe to follow 200-500 a day, but not all at once. Remember, unfollowing counts as following in the "safe amount to follow" estimate.

    Depending on what you're using Twitter for, I'd suggest following people similar to you... Not the "twitter suggestions", but an example would be... If you're making a parody account, you'd want to follow everyone that retweets an account similar to you. If they follow you, they would probably retweet your tweets too in that case.

    You can get suspended over and over again, and you will just need to appeal very nicely. They will almost always allow you to regain control of your account. The issue with this is though, you don't want to lose your account for a week just because you were following people too fast. Be careful, and you won't have issues :)

    Hope I helped!
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    After the first warning suspension, I have always gotten a permanent suspension the next time around. I would suggest that if you value this account you stop building on this one and create a new account to build up.