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Just got a mc999 message from ebay. Proof of Merchandise

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by D4RK KNIGHT, Sep 26, 2013.


    D4RK KNIGHT Regular Member

    May 18, 2012
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    I Just got a mc999 message from ebay and I have a serious problem.

    The message said:

    We need information from you before you will be allowed to sell on eBay again.

    We would like to know the supplier of your Dr. Dre Beats.

    This is the documentation we need:

    Proof of Merchandise

    ?Invoices from suppliers showing supplier's name, contact information, date and invoice number. Invoices must be itemized and include pricing information per item.

    ?Receipts from retail stores and outlets that include store name, location and contact details.

    ?Proof of payment for invoices and/or receipts. Proof of payment can be in the form of confirmed wire transfers, credit card receipts, checks, credit card statements, or PayPal Transaction Detail statements.

    ?Supplier contract


    ?Tracking Information
    ?Delivery Information

    ?For security reason, we don't accept email attachments.
    ?You'll need to fax the information to the number provided in the email we sent.

    ?Once you've faxed your information (please send an email to let us know it's been sent) we should be able to get back to you within approximately 72 hours.

    I have had about 30 stealth accounts and this is the first time I have ever been asked to fax Proof of Merchandise.

    The Identity Proof and the Address Proof part on the mc999 is a cake walk. I have faxed them that information and done it dozens of times and they lift the restriction on my account everytime afterwards.

    But never one time have I been asked to provide Proof of Merchandise. I need some help with providing documentation of a supplier.

    Where or who can I get the documents for a suppler?

    I need anything that looks legit and would be ok with ebay.

    I would pay for the service of course by paypal.

    Im looking for some one who has had this problem in the past and has goten through it many times with ease.