Just curious on how to get this kind of loan.

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    Ok so I am 18.

    I have a fulltime job. 8/hr

    I need a loan for $1600.

    Anywhere online I can get that, or anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona?

    I realize I can look around, but I want to get opinions from people that might have possibly already done this.

    And how much can I expect to pay per month?
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    You're going to have a very hard time getting someone to lend you money with little or no credit. Maybe you can try prosper.com if you got pretty good credit.
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    you don't need loan, you are in the best place to avoid loans, you must realized this is a money makin forum, just browse the money makin sections and you can make this amount in a month for sure even if u are the most untalented ewhore
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    You can EASILY get aloan at the age of 18! EASILY

    its called co-sign (someone with credit history(good score) will have to 'co-sign' with you on the loan'). other than that NO WAY IN HELL (well legally speaking) i'm sure you could take mini loans from a many drug dealers/loan sharks/friends/family

    basicly thats your only 2 ways to do it.

    btw, having a job doesn't mean shit when your 18 and with no credit history, i'm pretty sure you don't have any credit cards or secure credit cards aswell,

    if you really want to start working on building your credit, goto your local bank and ask for a "secured credit card", otherwise you'll learn the hard way to build credit in america.

    i may be wrong, but i have worked at bank (citibank (customer service) for a few years when i was 18 to 23 off and on) there may be other routes you can take on this objective you have.

    if you make 8 an hour why not just save up the money, it will only take you about 2 months (after taxes).

    also during a recession you should have atleast 8 months of take home pay, in liquid form, during non-recession 6months of take home pay is recommend.

    everyone over spends. sooner or later (most likely when your older) you'll relize that you have to manage your money or you'll be at the mercy of money.
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