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    Jun 10, 2016
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    I'm new here and really excited about it.

    Lurking around BHW has helped me understand a lot about the Internet and how some things actually work. What Internet marketing is (was completely black on this before a week).

    To start with, it was like, now I know why there are spams at many forums and at many web pages, how ads work, how Google interprets our searches and how can people potentially earn money from the Internet.

    I still am unaware how the big players and the niche masters of this cosmos innovate and deliver but hey, I do now understand how that kid could earn hefty bucks in front of a YouTube camera by just eating dinner every night being live! So much more to learn.

    It's more passion for me here than money. Stuff on BHW has the right amount of geniousity, creativity and interest all bundled together.

    Wish me luck! Hello BHW.
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