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    before, the ads used to be related to the page that you were on. so for example, if you were on a page about ebay sniping software, the google ads on that page were also about auctions and softwares...
    but now, the ads are more related to the things you have been searching for recently, and not necessary related to the page's topic. so for example, lets say you have been searching for red wine in google...and you go to a page about ebay sniping software, the ads on that page are going to be about red wine and not about auctions.
    so goog is saving your searches and displaying ads according to what you have been searching for recently, NOT what the page's topic is about.
    this is something i noticed recently, i am not sure how long they have been doing this.
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    If you are an Adsense publisher there is an option to allow Googs to show ads from the previous sites that the user was visiting or to only show ads relating to your content.
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    I have noticed the ads are moving more and more towards retargeted ads. (Dunno if that's what they're called, but a company doing this is called Retargeter, so I shall call them that.) When I was researching forex a while back, for like a month straight I saw an ad for Interbank FX (see, I remember what it's called because I saw it so many damn times) on every (hyperbole) site I went on. I was also looking for info on 1-800 numbers and I get an add for Calture everywhere. I recently signed up for Cramster to get some homework answers and I get ads for them as well.