Just a thought about creating a viral campaign

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    I keep trying to think out of the box and come up with ideas as such. May be this thing will work, may be it won't but i'll just share it with you guys.

    There is a nice way to get loads of targeted visitors from twitter but it's going to need a piece of software to work properly. The software should ask it's visitors to press the tweet button on the website, in order to unlock a particular page, just like a content locker. Then when the users on twitter see the message and click on the link, the software should analyse the referrer and redirect them to a page with bhcb type content locker on it. All i am trying to do is use cheap untargeted traffic to pull in targeted traffic and make the campaign go viral.

    So say for example we buy 10k untargeted us visitors, we can't really expect high conversions from them because they aren't interested in completing cpa offers. But we can definitely use those 10k visitors to spread the word out on twitter. Once they spread the word out, we should easily be able to receive loads of targeted visitors on our website.

    I don't know, may be the pros can share some light on this and make it work!!!!

    Have a nice day guys!!!!