Just a little misunderstood. Any1 have answers?

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    Hello everyone and thanks for checking in.

    So I have got an adwords account. I have made my first campaign and everything seems to work well. I had a voucher from google by mail so I can start ppc instantly with a 100$ free deposit from them. They even said in the voucher that I don't have to pay the activation fee to get my campaign to start because its on them. However when I set my first campaign it says on the upper part of my adwords account in a red block that "my advertisments are not working because my adw account is out of money, I must pay an amout to get my advertisment back on track". However when I look at my transactions section in my adwords account it says I have payed 100$(the coupon) and 5$ for the activation. And my actual balance is 100$. I am guessing that I must transfer that money to my campaigns somehow? Did I miss something? I don't think I should pay them more, I think they are asking me to transfer that amount to the advertisements? How is that done? Any help is appreciated. Thx;)
    Or could it be in an approval state at the moment? thats the other one im guessing.
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