Just a little heads up in relation of Google Chrome, Hola and FoxyProxy

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    This is for people who use Google Chrome with Hola and FoxyProxy enabled at the same time, i'm not sure how many of us is out there though.


    Hola will override FoxyProxy and maybe other proxy addons too, you don't need to be connected to any Hola servers, it's enough if the addon is enabled.

    I learned this the hard way. I was updating Twitter profiles, Hola was enabled and when i thought i'm using the proxies which i set up in FoxyProxy - i didn't have any reason not to think that, because everything looked normal, FoxyProxy seemed to be working as it should - in fact i wasn't using the proxies, not even a Hola server, which is no wonder, because i wasn't connected to any, but in fact i was using my mothereffin home ip, it's just pure luck that my 142k personal Twitter acc wasn't disabled, which i'm using from my home ip lol

    25 Twitter accs were lost to this, it happened a few months back, but i was just reminded by reading another thread and i thought i dedicate a thread to this now.

    Yes, i could have done a quick ip check with iphicken or any other ip address lookup site, but i didn't, because everything seemed to be in order.

    This major fuck-up thought me 2 things:
    1. Always do a quick ip address check when using proxies before accessing a site!
    2. Make sure that your browser addons don't interfere with each other!

    At first Hola was fucking up the browsing experience when i used it with Firefox (it was just enabled, i wasn't connected to it), i guess because practically it works like a zombie network. That's when i switched to Chrome and installed Hola there too, i didn't experience the same issue there, but maybe it's safer not using Hola at all in light of above events and for being a zombie network.
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