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Need bulk proxies? We can offer bulk packages from 1K - 50k IPs. Contact us in discord.gg/bartproxies to discuss.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need bulk proxies?
We offer bulk packages from 1K to 50K IPs. Join our https://discord.gg/bartproxies for a tailored solution.

Best way to contact us for support?
Reach out on our https://discord.gg/bartproxies. We're also available via Telegram, Skype, and Email.

What is a full subnet?
A full subnet implies owning all 256 IP addresses in a /24 subnet. It's beneficial for consistency and risk minimization, as shared subnets can get blacklisted due to others' activities.

Difference between AT&T and SPRINT proxies?
AT&T and Sprint proxies are hosted on separate telecom networks. AT&T typically receives our cleanest, most premium IPs, ideal for diverse site compatibility. Sprint offers a budget-friendly alternative with no compromise on speed.

Do you limit access to specific sites?
No, we do not restrict access to any website.

Is there a data limit?
Our static ISP proxies offer unlimited bandwidth for the duration of your plan.

How many threads can I run?
We do not limit threads or connections. Feel free to run unlimited threads.

Where are your VPS servers located?
Our VPS servers are co-located with our proxies. Pairing our VPS with our proxies guarantees the lowest possible latency. We also offer bare metal servers.

What locations do you offer?
Our static ISP proxies are located in Virginia, USA.

How many IPs can I whitelist?
You can whitelist an unlimited number of IPs.

Do you provide a Trial?
Please submit the trial form at https://bartproxies.com/trial. A well-explained use-case helps us serve you better.

How do I receive my proxies after purchase?
Your proxies will be instantly delivered to your user dashboard.

Can I keep the same IPs?
Yes, you can renew and keep the same IPs monthly.

Support availability?
We operate in the EST time zone and are active throughout the day.

What are the payment methods?
We accept Stripe (Credit Card) for automatic payments and delivery on our website. For Crypto payments, please contact us on our Discord server.

How do I buy proxies?
Visit our website, create an account, select your desired plan, apply the discount code (if any), and proceed to checkout. Your proxies will be automatically delivered to your dashboard upon payment.

Where are your ISP proxies located?
All our ISP Proxies are hosted on our Virginia, USA bare-metal servers.

Do you offer bulk proxies?
Yes, we provide pristine clean, high-grade IPs in bulk, routed through our 100G SPRINT Fibre network and hosted on our privately owned dedicated bare-metal servers.

Do you offer reseller plans?
Yes, we offer solutions for resellers including proxy management tools. Please contact us for more information.


Discord (preferred) = http://discord.gg/bartproxies
Telegram = http://T.ME/BARTPROXIES
Skype = https://join.skype.com/invite/q360ZjKb9RmN
Twitter = https://twitter.com/BartProxies
Email = [email protected]
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