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Jurislav building venture: seo website from scratch with 10 keyword of low and high comp

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by jurislav, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. jurislav

    jurislav Newbie

    Mar 5, 2013
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    freelancer programmer
    Hi all BHW's members and guests. Jurislav greats you.
    Part 1 - Research and tools

    So today im going to share my work and maybe inspire someone to do the same. This can be done with any related niche. And it will require some knowledge. But i will already warn you - i will not submit sites name or other pictures related to my work. When this site will be finished - i will let you know and ask for the reviews. And as kick starter ill be glad you could provide some information later. So lets begin this venture.

    • GMS - Global Monthly Search
    • LMS - Local Monthly Search

    Things which will be required:
    1. domain name (can be subdomain)
    2. hosting
    3. photoshop or gimp (for graphic design)
    4. A common sense of using google keyword tool and google trends
    5. Researching the other competitors who are using these keywords
    6. Hard work
    7. Patience
    8. Lots of energy drinks.
    9. A woman

    Domain name.
    Ill be using subdomain of one of my websites.
    Later Change it to EMD domain.

    I want to check how it will go this way.


    Private hosting server.

    Keyword research and related things.

    So i have spent some time figuring out keywords and researching competitors on related niche i have chosen.

    5 low competition keywords, 2 medium competition keywords, 3 high competition keywords.
    GMS range:14.8k - 450k
    LMS range:91 - 201k

    Graphic design and layout.

    In my opinion the graphic design and sites layout is one of the most important things which website designer must spend his attention.
    As i have searched and found some info related to it - there was one interesting article which grabbed my attention.

    This quote not 100% accurate but close enough to understand my point of view.

    So how do you choose colors and graphic for your site so the user would stay and he would start to browse it even further?
    Answer is quite simple based on that article - we must use complementary colors or colors which are exact opposite of the color wheel.(search google for color wheel or search for "kuler".

    Colors i will be using.

    base color:#1b75bb (as main background for items list)
    Header text color: #c63530
    Text color:#858806
    Borders: #6c6e0a

    Layout and related things to it.

    So what defines layout? What is layout in first place? I will explain it in my words and with basic sense. So layout - are objects and elements. Each element for example could be advertising banner, search window, login form, etc. And these elements combined makes your website and how people will use it, but most important the POSITION of each element. Yes a long intro of layout - even not completely exact.

    There are 2 types of Layouts probably 3.
    Fixed layout and fluid. I will just copy paste definitions of those cause im a bit lazy.

    Fixed layout:
    Fixed layouts are layouts that start with a specific size, determined by the Web designer. They remain that width, regardless of the size of the browser window viewing the page. Fixed width layouts allow a designer more direct control over how the page will look in most situations. They are often preferred by designers with a print background, as they allow the designer to make minute adjustments to the layout and have them remain consistent across browsers and computers.

    Fluid layout:
    Liquid layout are layouts that are based on percentages of the current browser window's size. They flex with the size of the window, even if the current viewer changes their browser size as they're viewing the site. Liquid width layouts allow a very efficient use of the space provided by any given Web browser window or screen resolution. They are often preferred by designers who have a lot of information to get across in as little space as possible, as they remain consistent in size and relative page weights regardless of who is viewing the page.

    i will be using:
    Fixed layout.

    Programming languages for creating this website.

    Html, php, jquery.


    photoshop + wacom bamboo.

    Social Networks.

    As i have read here on BHW and google, The google mother is a Gossip b****, she likes to listen to other people opinions.

    So ill be using.


    Video marketing will be done with Youtube father cause he likes to peek every video you upload. And there will be other perverts so called views. Whahahaha.

    This end part 1 for the introduction and things which will be needed. Tomorrow i will write part 2.
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