June 8th Update or Google Dance? Can you help?

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    Hi. I have a site over 1 y.o.
    I was on third page for my keywords until February. I bought lots of cheap links. It disappeared.
    On May 30 it came back on first page, 8th-9th positions for keywords.
    I decided not to buy cheap links again. I bought lots of high pr blog reviews. All reviews were unique, 1500 words long, and contained just 1 link.

    All my keywords came to position 2nd. I bought more reviews, other day it was on first position for most of my keywords. At the same day, it totally disappeared (8th June).

    Now my keywords are on 731th, 489th, 148th, 830th, etc. positions.

    My site and pages still indexed. I write one article everyday, adding it my sitemap, submit sitemap to google. Google indexes them after 2 days. Although it stopped to crawl my homepage since 11th.

    I am only on top 10 for my 6 words site title.

    As I learned there was a update on 8th June, I'm very afraid that it has been hit by algoritm update. Or it is just a dance which start on the same day with this update.

    Waiting opinions and help from experienced members.

    Thank you.
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