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Julia Logan - Founder Irishwonder

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    Julia Logan speaks about how refreshing it is to see a conference that actually talks about things other than how to comply with Google's requirements.
    Differentiate your sources of traffic, be prepared to lie without Google if it disappears tomorrow. Is search traffic a big issue for small businesses?
    Do you think Black Hat strategies are a short term strategy? Are they sustainable?
    What are the tools Julia Logan likes to use for automation tasks and mass data processing? Read more here


    Q: Please introduce yourself, and tell us why UnGagged?
    JL: My name is Julia Logan, better known online as Irishwonder. I've been doing SEO for a long time, basically since 2000. Why UnGagged? I've had a few friends attend and speak at the first UnGagged event in Las Vegas last year, and they said a lot of good things about it. And it's also nice and refreshing to see a conference that actually talks about things other than how to comply with google's requirements, which many conferences seem do these days. What I will be speaking about is spammer mentality that's not sharing any specific tips and tricks, the latest thing that works. Rather teaching people about the right mindset that will help them come up with their own tips and tricks, because that's the only way things can really work, rather than you just repeating what everybody else is doing and depending on somebody else to discover whatever works.

    Q: What are your top tips and priority actions for overcoming issues associated with any big Google algorithm roll outs?
    JL: First of all, stop listening to everybody spreading their speculations and try to analyse the situation in application to your own site. How you get affected, if at all, is that the update that is likely to affect you at all, or is that something that's none of your concern? Some of these may affect some sites but not the others. Think and analyse, work with the data that you have available, and try to arrive at your own conclusions and, of course, watch your SERP space, watch what's happening to your competitors and other players in the niche.

    Q: How can businesses with smaller budgets and resource best respond to big updates?
    JL: First of all, they should differentiate their sources of traffic so that the big Google is not the only source of their traffic. They should be prepared to live without Google if it disappears tomorrow, and if it's a legitimate business, I don't see why they can not build their audience elsewhere outside of just searches. Apparently search traffic is a big issue for any business hoping to get some traffic online but even without that you should have the B plan as well, in place.

    Q: Are you aware of any gamechanger developments on the horizon that in-house or consultant SEOs should be aware of?
    JL: The one that I find really interesting is the talk about google rolling out the AI to watch over individual SERPS. It's makes the algorithm much more granular than it used to be traditionally. Traditionally, we used to have the same algorithm covering pretty much everything, but I've been saying this for a while that there are certain differences from vertical to vertical and this algorithmic change or just new development that Google is coming up is changing the game-field and is just highlighting the importance of watching your own niche and testing and analysing the data that you have available.

    Q: In your niche or sector, what's the most annoying SEO misconception? Please feel free to set things straight!
    JL: That black hat strategies are short term only. What I think is if you're ready to plan ahead and scale and you have ways to make it cheap enough for you to make them sustainable then you're well prepared to make it a long term game. It's just a different mindset, it's just a different approach, but it can work long term just as well.

    Q: Current favourite SEO tool or platform? Or can you give us the inside track on any sexy SEO related platforms, tools or developments coming soon?
    JL: The tools that are my personal favourites that I use on a daily basis are of course Majestic, I wouldn't be too original if I named them. I also love SpyFu. I totally love tools like ScrapeBox for automating tasks that require mass data processing. I totally love to use ScrapeBox for, for example, generating keywords suggestions. I will probably be biased if I mention YourPBN.com, that's something that's me and somebody else are just working on and that will be a tool for managing people's private networks of sites, facilitating the process of building those networks and making sure they have all the understanding they need to have to make them as secure as possible.
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