Journey until make money to buy equipments

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    Hey guys, i'm going to start my journey here, to clarify:

    - I'm not going to stay with this journey cause its risky and i only need it to buy my equipment (microphone, gaming system, cameras) and start own my channel.
    - I will post some results and ask you guys to join my websites when everything is ready.
    - I don't recommend anyone to do this, i'm really crazy for not generating any good income until now...

    So... let's start, i have 10 domains (which some of them took longer than expected to rank)

    Tools i have:
    - 1 PC;
    - 1 outdated php script (which is being improved/recoded by me) for all websites;
    - 1 vps...;
    - 1 Imagination (to design all logos and contents);

    All domains and their purposes:

    - 1 domain for promoting djs (music, events, artists...)
    - 1 domain for promoting everything (which were good ranked before restarting)
    - 1 domain for funny stuff (tech, comedy, memes...)
    - 1 domain for news & stuff (like buzzfeed)
    - 1 domain for promoting social accounts (which will be discussed later)

    B(ad)lackhat (which are going to die as soon as i make the money...)
    - 1 domain for pc, android, software downloads (users can post this one)
    - 1 domain for nulls (which i'll not null anything, users can post as well)
    - 1 domain for movies, series, animes (which users will populate and make money)
    - 1 domain for tv streaming (only to watch stuff away from home)
    - 1 doamin for nsfw adult tube/pics (users can make money posting their stuff)

    Stuff i need to accomplish this journey:
    - Good cpm network (and traffic) to pay my vps
    - Luck...

    That's all mates, Cheers!
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    May 23, 2015
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    Good luck..
    please update...
    would like to learn more