Journey To Turn $0 Into $10,000 Within 60 Days!

Didn't read it yet but I will do so tomorrow. Best of luck turning nothing into money. I love those journeys so yeah.. subbed. :D
Will be following this, starting a YT Cpa journey too! Good luck to you bud.
Are you using any tool for Youtube keyword research?
If your interested I have a method that you can have for free. It will help you generate a start up fund. Pm me.
Are you from Bangladesh mate?
I am from Bangladesh.
Anyway, best of luck.
Hey guys!
I have done nothing special today as I have a lot to figure out. I was just going to sleep without doing anything, but when I saw a bunch of comment on my thread and you guys are inspiring me to do this, I really feel lucky and motivated. I felt lucky cuz, I am fortunate to find a community where at least some people are want me to achieve my UNREALISTIC goal, you guys are counting on me!! Guys, I won't let you down.

So, instead of going to my bed, I started working!

I have made a video about a semi-popular mobile game. But after uploading the video, when it comes to boost my video with some good amounts of HR views, Likes etc, I see the first trouble! As I have mentioned in the post that, I will not spend any money into this challenge or journey, then how would I give my video the proper boost!

After a lot of searching, fortunately I have found some of my unused free view exchange sites credits!! Those credits are not sufficient for the long run but, yeah it will be enough to boost the first 2-3 videos. So, yeah, I am boosting the video literally for free!! Isn't that cool??

Anyway, after getting some money like $20-$30, I will invest them into SMM panels for views.

So, for the video, I spent a good amount of credits for 2-3k views. They are not HR but I think for this video it will work, as this video is pretty low competitive.

And there is a good chance that it will rank! If not, I have plan B, which is just SET and FORGET, I will make a bunch of videos everyday and upload them and forget about them!

For tomorrow, I think I have to make 2 HQ videos with good proof to upload and then I will try the Youtube commenting method to get some fast money!

So my friends, this is it for today. I will update this thread tomorrow and hopefully in the meantime I will make some cash (fingers crossed)!!

Thank you guys, keep pushing me :)

Thanks for the update. I love your dynamic mindset of no regrets if something does not work. Looking forward to tomorrow's update so keep up the good work!
Bro? Updates? come on and make some Money!!! Dont be lazy! Be crazy an get your $$$
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