Journey To Turn $0 Into $10,000 Within 60 Days!


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Sep 9, 2012
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Hey fam!

I am masum492. I am 28 years old from a southeast Asian country and a long time lurker here. I have learned so many cool things from BHW. I have seen so many successful journeys here. I have seen people making loads of money from nothing just by using their computer and internet and a good portion of their brain.

I have been doing internet marketing since 2015. So yeah, its almost 5 years. But the saddest thing is, I couldn't make any significant amount of money to build a real business. I made good money but its not that big. I can bear all the family expenses and my education expenses easily by the money I make per month. Which is good!

But, I don't wanna stuck in this position to make some $XXXX figure each month. I want to hit the big boys number!

I know, I could easily hit the 5 figure amount, if I could just concentrate on what am I doing. but the thing is, I am lazy as hell and I am a serious procrastinator!

You wouldn't believe, what is my daily routine now!

I woke up 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM like a king, eat my breakfast then I go for hanging out with friends. I returned to home at 2.00 PM - 3.00 PM and then finish my lunch, watch a movie or stupid YouTube videos and again go for chilling with buddies! I then returned home at around 11.00 PM - 12.00 AM. Then I open my computer just to see how much I earned for that day via various of videos I have put on Youtube for CPA, Clickbank products a long time ago (which are still making my bread and butter!). I go to sleep at 2.00 AM - 3.00 AM and that's how I am wasting my most precious thing everyday since 2018 (TIME!) that has given to me for rising and shining :(

So, I have decided to change the habit, the unproductive mentality that I have right now. Plus, I need a lot of money now for some serious things.

I have came up with this idea to turn $0 into $10k while watching a TEDx video, where a guy turned a paperclip into a house and after that I have watched some other videos like this, where some Youtubers turned $1 into $1000, even an internet marketing dude where he successfully turned $0 into $10k within a month doing some basic level internet marketing stuffs to make his base money then jumped to some bigger stuffs to make it happen.

So, as I am starting this journey without any money at all. First, I need to figure that out, how can I make the base money like $50-$100 to start the actual journey. I have some plan in my mind atm, which I will share with you all in a sec.

But before, starting out, let me tell you, why I am starting this journey in the first place. Well, as I have mentioned above that, I am lazy af. So, yeah this journey will keep me motivated and you guys comment and queries about this journey will make me concentrate onto the track.

Anyway, so for the base money, I am thinking for creating some BH game videos on Youtube as I have previous experience about it, so I think it won't be a problem for me to make a base money using the BH videos ;)

I will update this thread everyday with the earning screenshot and the strategy (if possible). Once I will reach my desired goal ($10,000), I will stop this thread.

Today is 23rd of January 2020, I will start on making videos from tomorrow, I hope.

It will be a long journey I think and please guys force me everyday by commenting to update this thread as I seriously want to make this happen.

And please don't forget to give me your best advice for this journey. Thanks for reading this far. Thank you :)
Okay, following... that's $5k per 30 days doable.
Good luck mate. Get over that laziness and make some cash
If you haven't made much, then jumping to 10 grand is unrealistic let alone in two months.

It's good that you have big goals but try to start with more realistic goals so that it's easier to scale as you grow.

In any case, good luck
Good luck man.. I'll keep following since it seems to me pretty hard to achieve ! (yes super noob here)

Regarding your way to make base $ .. Is it something that anybody can do .. or do you need to have accounts with cpa networks to be able to monetize?

I myself are in desperate need of some base $, and all the cpa networks I checked seem to allow only people that have some sort of audience (whether it's traffic, number of followers/fans, etc.. )
Good luck and don't forget about tomorrows video :)
Can’t wait to see how you will make this happen!

good luck!
What was that you were doing ?
Nothing special! I have just bunch of YT videos about some clickback products and some other BH CPA videos, that are giving me passive income. But, at present their earnings are slowing down :(
let's see how this journey goes. following until you achieve it. i hope you will not give up and Good luck
Excited to see how this pans out. Very good luck to you OP. Well done for deciding to do this.
Hey guys!
I have done nothing special today as I have a lot to figure out. I was just going to sleep without doing anything, but when I saw a bunch of comment on my thread and you guys are inspiring me to do this, I really feel lucky and motivated. I felt lucky cuz, I am fortunate to find a community where at least some people are want me to achieve my UNREALISTIC goal, you guys are counting on me!! Guys, I won't let you down.

So, instead of going to my bed, I started working!

I have made a video about a semi-popular mobile game. But after uploading the video, when it comes to boost my video with some good amounts of HR views, Likes etc, I see the first trouble! As I have mentioned in the post that, I will not spend any money into this challenge or journey, then how would I give my video the proper boost!

After a lot of searching, fortunately I have found some of my unused free view exchange sites credits!! Those credits are not sufficient for the long run but, yeah it will be enough to boost the first 2-3 videos. So, yeah, I am boosting the video literally for free!! Isn't that cool??

Anyway, after getting some money like $20-$30, I will invest them into SMM panels for views.

So, for the video, I spent a good amount of credits for 2-3k views. They are not HR but I think for this video it will work, as this video is pretty low competitive.

And there is a good chance that it will rank! If not, I have plan B, which is just SET and FORGET, I will make a bunch of videos everyday and upload them and forget about them!

For tomorrow, I think I have to make 2 HQ videos with good proof to upload and then I will try the Youtube commenting method to get some fast money!

So my friends, this is it for today. I will update this thread tomorrow and hopefully in the meantime I will make some cash (fingers crossed)!!

Thank you guys, keep pushing me :)
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