Journey to riches... Starting with a 8-5job to build capital.

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    First... A little introduction.

    I've been a lurker on this site for a while now, off and on going on various spree's of reading and collecting information on various ways to make money using the internet. I'm 21 and computers have been a part of my life as long as I can remember, I built my first system at 11 years old, Knew enough HTML to design a site by 14, Was working freelance doing kernel upgrades and other upgrades on Linux servers remotely by 16, then I got into music(playing guitar) and started working a regular job, moved out at 17, didn't have/couldn't afford internet while living on my own for a few years and didn't even have a computer for much of that time.

    The motto of my life is "Think for yourself, Question Authority", I know everyone has some rebellion in them, But I honestly believe I got a higher dose than most, As a child I hated school so much that I was able to manipulate my way into home school, I was okay with my first job because my bosses were cool and didn't ride my rear because I worked hard, and one day when the corporate division of that company got restructured, they replaced our management crew with jerks that treated us like poo and I walked out after working there 2 and 1/2 years.

    I've worked a few jobs since then and of course learned the valuable lesson of never leaving a job until you have another source of income, so inbetween then and now i've done everything from flipping burgers to being a stage hand for acts like rush,lady gaga and wwe.

    Between jobs I would always come to BHW hoping to find that magical money making method to save me, and never did. but i've always found so many great ideas that I could pull off with my own twists and ideas if I just had the startup capital to do it, and minimum wage jobs simply leave me with just enough money to pay bills and eat, so I figured out that I need to suck it up, get a real job , play "the man's game" for a while to save money.

    So here I am, I attended a career college to get a technical certificate in pc/electronics repair(easiest class ever for me, exactly why i chose it), Graduated, and am on the verge of landing a job with a large company working in their shop, making around $600 a week which is double what my income was when I lived on my own and had bills(now I live with my parents and have no bills).

    Of course, said "large company" is just looking for another person to enslave with mandatory overtime and schedule changes, I know that game, But I'm willing to do it for say... the next 6 months to a year in order to build capital, whatever it takes, no matter how much pride I must swallow... I'm gonna do what it takes to land this job because this is the first time that I have ever seen financial freedom in the future...

    I plan on using a fairly common method of selling WP sites to local businesses without websites and ones that have really bad/out of date sites. I already have reseller hosting and a domain name for my business, but that's where I ran out of money... I'm not skilled in WP theme creation, but I have already communicated with a few freelance people that create custom themes on fiverr and odesk.

    The great thing about my pending job is if I get it, the funding... The downside will be that it will use nearly all of my time, especially when they make us do mandatory overtime, and I will be at work during the hours for calling/visiting businesses. So i'm thinking I will need sales people, which is something I've definitely gotta build some capital before doing.

    Of course my road to financial freedom isn't purely based on selling WP sites, I think that this post is long enough so maybe i'll share the rest later. I would love to get some feedback from other BHW'ers and perhaps some questions that will inspire thought and new ideas.

    If you've made it this far, Thanks for your time here's the breakdown of what i've spent/plan to spend.

    Reseller Hosting(15 gb/150gb Unlimited domains) 2.49/mo
    Domain at register 3.75/yr

    What I know that I need to make the next step:
    4x6" ads - $20 for 500 in full color.
    Dedicated business phone. free from straight talk with $45/mo unlimited plan
    Graphic designer from fiverr for 4x6 ad - $5
    Custom wordpress theme for my website from fiverr- $5
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