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    I have had more than a fair share of bullshit in my life. I don't bitch about it much because there has always been someone else worse off. Now I can't really convince myself of that anymore. I'm really bad off. I'm not going to go into a huge sob story here, if you want to know that badly we can pm or something. To give a gist, I have 3 young kids, am pregnant, can't work because of miscarriage risk and the only person in my life that helped me is in jail and I can't afford their bail. I can't even move a lot of my things from the house I just lost. I want to give up, but I can't.

    I rented an apartment with the last of my money (this was before the jail thing, I had some financial help from them) and am using the previous tenants internet and power. I have ten dollars. I may get a week on the power. I have probably a months worth of internet.

    Most of my IM success came from ewhoring years ago. I did well at it for about a year. I managed to drag it out another year. I have tried several methods and made a little side money but nothing ever took off really. I did have a thriving business in Second Life but got behind on tier payments and lost that. I can do graphics work, craigslist posting, web design work, writing, manual shitwork, fast typist, pleasant personality, bright and will work myself to death. I may be able to do some mailing, I did fiverr but lost internet and am not sure if my account is still in good standing. I work really hard and am good at putting my own spin on things. That's all the skills I can think of for now.

    I need money faster than fiverr will give me but at least it's something so I plan to check on that account. I plan to check how often yahoo contributor network pays. I will post ads on craigslist advertising what I know how to do. I'll check with my favorite CPA companies to see if anything is working, that would still take weeks though.

    I have probably 8 hours total to work today left. Any ideas appreciated. Will update day 1 later.