Journey to Make $100/- per day from Freelancing

Day 57 :-

Here is my earning till now ...

Total Orders :- 376
Confirmed Earning :- $50
Good luck with your journey! Keep learning new skills and improving your current skills. Also be consistent in sending out proposals and you will find success!
Perhaps you've been asked this before, but as a new freelancer, which of these platforms do you recommend starting with? I gave Upwork a try, but I found myself spending more on bids than what I earned ^^'
Best of luck!
I have fiverr account , I need reviews to rank it up again or some other method like pinterest , linkedin marketing kindly give some tips faraz.
I am a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr with 300+ reviews ,
but not getting orders lately because my gigs ranking dropped due to inactivity .

But i hope to get my ranking up with consistency to start getting organic reviews !

I don't have much reviews on other platforms , so not getting any organic orders there right now !
You know, I have been facing the same problem for the last 3 months. I don't know what happened suddenly on Fiverr, the order stopped coming, and my gig disappeared from the first, second, and third pages as well. I am finding a new way to earn money. I don't know how to proceed.

I hope you will succeed on your new resolution.

Best of Luck :)
Best of luck! I will be following. However, just selling your web development services will likely have some limits. Think of a business you can run and a workflow to deliver a valuable product consistently. Just my two cents. Also, if you are selling your labor, make sure you specialize. There are a LOT of people who do Elementor, so this will likely be a race to the bottom unless you specialize further.
Really a great plan.go ahead bro
Introduction :-

My name is Faraz and i am from Pakistan .
I have skills in wordpress and i want to use my skills to reach my Goal of $100 per day / $3000 per month .

I am not getting any orders recently , so i want to start this journey to keeps me motivated and get help from other fellow members of BHW to reach my goal ASAP !

Plan :-

My initial plan is to the following tasks daily

1) Send 2 Proposals daily on UPWORK*
2) Place 5 Bids on
3) Place Bids on all related projects posted in the Past 24 hours on PeoplePerHour
4) Send messages to atleast 10 contacts on Fiverr**

*I will start with 2 proposals daily as i don't have much budget and connects to send proposal are expensive
**I will browse through my fiverr inbox and send message to the buyers and ask them if they want my service

I will try to post daily and share my experience ,
if anyone have any tips for me , please share
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