Journey to $650 a month with Affiliate and FB ads mostly

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    Hi everyone this is my first thread at the forum!

    Before anything, sorry for my bad spelling, not english native.

    So I have never taked really action, I have a lot of info in my head, but it is mostly ideas, mental fap, searching for the best "system". But im tired of that, so... I dont really know what Im doing but Im going to find that $650 a month.

    What Im going to do is:
    -build a learning plataform, like a mini curse of 7 days or something and 1 video a day (I hope I can use instabuilder for this) about how to sell anything online.
    -build a wordpress blog, firsts blog posts about each day lessons.
    -Create opt-in page > thankyou page > link to the course
    -Create newsletter for 1 email a day for each video lesson
    -Bring traffic from Facebook ads to opt-in page and maybe with some free methods

    To monetize Im going to put affiliate links for each tool I teach to use in the courses, get response, instabuilder, etc. Its not much but my mainly goal is to build my list and after that decide wheter to offer upsells or sell them something.

    What Im going to do today:
    -Buy hosting and domain.
    -Try a free instabuild version (if you know what I mean... sorry I have very small budget right now)
    -Create and set the wordpress blog <-- No idea how haha

    I will post progress every day

    Well thats all for now. Im nervous :oops:

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    good luck with your journey but learn everything on wordpress, hosting, proxies, affiliate plugin on this forum, no need to look further or ask big G (Google)