Journey to $500 before end of summer (1st time niche blog)

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    So this is my first time ever doing a journey thread. Also my first time ever I'm actually putting effort into making a "serious" niche blog and doing SEO. I have only made a few hundred bucks online before with many different, lame methods. I have some experience with WordPress and coding, but I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to IM and SEO. Therefore I will really appreciate every tip and motivational replies I get!

    So this is a "best x" kind of niche. I bought the EMD for a keyword that has ~12k searches per month. I'm also looking into a few other keywords that I can write articles for that are related. I know EMD isn't as good as it used to be, but I might get a more brandable domain and use the EMD aswell for redirect (good idea or not?). The blog will be monetized with the amazon affiliate program, with some inspiration from this thread;

    This is what has been done so far;

    Day 1
    - Came up with the keyword, researched it for a bit and looked at the competition
    - Bought exact match domain and hosting
    - Worked on the design, made the blog "personal" (came up with a character who owns the blog)

    Day 2
    - Wrote a ~700 word article for the front page thats not supposed to contain ads, but links to the "main article" which will contain Amazon products
    - Applied for Amazon affiliate
    - More design details

    Day 3
    - Writing articles...

    Money made so far: $0
    Current goal: $500 by August