Journey to 5$/day with gaming site: (with all the tiny details)

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    I'm actually a very very noob in marketing IMO, so my target is low, 5$/day if any.

    Brief description
    Why play here:

    • Big images that actually shows the real game at almost 1:1 scale;
    • Social integration: when you like an item, like on facebook, share on facebook or tweet about it, it will be stored on my server. (You have to be logged in in order to work.)
    • Why this is cool? - You have a feel of accomplishment as you will always try to do all the social tasks.
    • Where exactly is this? - Everytime you play a game, you have a right navigation with 6 buttons. Those are the buttons. (The only problem is the like button which takes a lot longer to get accounted)
    • No ads, at least not in my site. The flash games and some html5 games comes bundled with ads (Any way to remove them?).
    • Minimalist UI, which can be closed (Click on the 3 bars at top right of the page).
    • Played games have an watermark (Only for logged in.).

    • Earn 5$/day somehow. I still didn't figured out how, so I'm open to suggestions. I would like to avoid bloating the site with ads, I prefer selling stuff.
    • Should keep the user experience first, money 2th.
    • Long term marketing, therefore I will avoid black hat techniques if it will hurt me.

    What marketing I've done


    • Facebook page:
    • Published many links from games of my site (with url builder, of course);
    • Invited all my friends to like the page with this script: var a = $$('.profileBrowserDialog .uiButton._1sm'); var i = a.length; while(i--){}
      [*]Joined many many facebook groups related to gaming (with my personal account): ,
      [*]Posted in each one around 1-2 posts per day, currently I'm on day 3. Every link is using tracking of course: . I usually put the url of the facebook group in the "Campaign Source" field so when I will check the analytics in GA it will show up the actual url. 90% the referrer url is not shown.


    • Made a Google+ page:
    • Joined many of the game and gaming related communities in Google+:
    • Posted in each one around 1-2 posts per day. If you notice, when you share a link from a game from my site it will automatically find out the image and title. (Remember to use url builder to track your visitors).
    • I've also tried to post links with gifs: and links with youtube videos:


    • Youtube channel:
    • Uploaded 2 videos containing the UI of my site; Now has 12 and 2 views respectively. One video is 1 minute long and the other is 15 minutes; The videos are actually me playing the games.

    Fiverr gig

    • Fiverr: I've payed 5$ on this gig:
    • The actual user didn't put the links I've told him to do (he removed the url builder part, so I can't really tell you if it was effective). The likes on the post shared on his fb page seems fake:
    • Unique visitors to my site since 15 April 2014: 17, 44, 15, 123, 268, 485


    • Now I can't tell you whenever the visitors came from Fiverr or from a hackerpost comment, but I really think was the hackernews comment:
    • I can tell you this: the fiverr post has been published at 9pm and at that hour I had 100 views, at 10pm I had 11. At 11pm when I've commented on hackernews I had 344 views, and at 4am I had 291 views.


    • Twitter:
    • Tweeted many of the games with a big image;


    • Stumbleupon:
    • I've added many likes to my own gaming site, but I don't really know if it had any impact because Stumbleupon removed my url builder analytics. In the next posts I will put a link so it will not remove my analytics again.


    • Submitted my main page to:

    I didn't done anything more. I'm open to suggestions
    I really like to improve, so I really appreciate to have your professional oppinion
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    Idk how to monetize it, the web looks good. Anyway GOOD LUCK!
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    Good luck with it!
    Quite nice idea, but that "playszone com" is your website? If so, i think its against BHW rules to post your websites.
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    Good luck totty90, I really like your website!
    I'm in the same niche, if you want we can exchange suggestions about that!
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    good luck for your journey.
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    Adsense all the way. Probably the best solutions if you can get enough traffic