Journey to 250k/ year in offline/online income

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    Hey there BHW

    Vas here, starting a new journey with running my offline/online business. I have been doing this already for 1 year but I wasn't exactly focused. I still made 15k part time last year with my offline business. I'm here to take it to the next level. 250k from offline/online business this year. I will be doing a number of different things and I already have a few clients.

    This journal is really to give you guys an insight into how to make money in this industry. It's about action and working hard every day. Not exactly sure how I will be hitting 250k in offline/online but I know that it is possible. I have seen the problems and holes in my business and the journal is about filling those as well.

    Here is what I have:

    Online business mentor - Popular online guru who I met that lives in my town.
    Small marketing budget - I have some extra money that I can use to market or get new services.
    Offline business mentor - Partnered with someone who gets clients for me and keeps me motivated.
    Drive and Ambition - I want to make this happen very bad. 2015 is a year for all of us to change our lives.
    Limitless work ethic- I wake up around 6 every day and either start work or hit the gym. I go to bed around 1-3 usually.

    Couple clients already (4-5) - I'm dropping you guys/gals into the middle of the battle. Work or GO UNDER.

    Web Design/Redesign
    Mobile App Development / Mobile Marketing
    PPC Campaign Setup
    Display Advertising Campaign Setup

    Focus Areas/Goals : I want to touch all these things to make money, i'm sure through the process i'll have to drop a couple things or clients but in the end I want to be making most of my money without doing much of the grunt work. So i'll be outsourcing and automating as much as possible.


    Instagram/Twitter - Create Large accounts and sell shoutouts/CPA in the future
    -Currently 1 Account on each in a certain niche. I also bought the follow liker program for automation. -- Anyone know how many accounts this thing can run at a time?
    Instagram - 2023 Follows ( 2 weeks of manual following just got follow liker today )
    Twitter - 138 Followers ( Havent set up the FL on this yet and haven't worked as much on it. But they are automated together so what I post on IG goes on twitter )


    I want 100k followers on both of these accounts

    Ebook: I wrote an ebook on how to sell to offline businesses. I have one written upsell
    I need to set up a squeeze page, offer and email auto responder for these things.
    I also want to record a video course that I can add as the highest level upsell.
    I want this ebook to get me a 10k email list of buyers.

    I have 1 PPC client and I want to get 5 at 1k each.
    I have a couple social media clients and I want more.
    I need website and redesign projects that I can outsource and keep huge margins. Each project (500-10k)
    I need to be calling/emailing businesses asking them about apps/redesigns/marketing - I want to automate this process as well.

    This is where I am right now at this very moment.

    Just outsourced a webdesign job ($500)
    Redesign job I am looking for outsourcer for (1k-MR)
    One app to finish and upload to appstore (1k-SP)
    Display ads to set up (1k-SP)
    Just submitted contract for new redesign (6k-TL)
    Social Media Marketing Client - (200/m GD)

    Workload -
    Set up 6 landing pages for PPC client - WRS
    Finish the App and upload it - SP
    Fix iAd & Google Ads on another app - MSCf
    Upload another app to Google+ - MSA
    Find someone to handle 2nd redesign or do it myself - MR
    Create 100$ Video Course
    Setup Squeeze Page
    Setup Email List
    Sign up on JVZOO
    Find Outsourcer for YT and Clickbank.
    Find solid blog writers for websites
    Connect Twitter FL
    Change pictures on SM client platforms and setup automation - GD
    Finish one clients banner so her site can go live - outsourced banner creation - Creative is being slow - BBB
    Finish the website to sell offline product for watching TV - potential in this business
    Setup new paypal for above product

    Ignore the letters they represent clients

    Lets start the money counter at: 0.00

    Vices that slow me down:
    Gaming - Gave away my ps4, still sneak a LOL game in every once in a while.. Couple phone games baaaahh hearthstone just released for iphone
    XXX - I love bad bitties that's my F#$%ING problem. More sex & more working out is a the solution.
    Procrastination - I do this sometimes, getting better at it though.
    Loss of Laser focus.

    I listen to these people on youtube for motivation:
    Dan Pena
    Alex Jeffereys
    Michael Jordan
    Floyd Mayweather

    So thats where i'm at. This journal will help me to brain dump and it should hopefully inspire some of you as to whats possible.

    Trying to Update often 2-3x week.