Journey to $20k+/month combining 2 of the biggest industries and the best timing

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    Hey guys ;)
    So now that my mobile app platform reselling business is on autopilot, I am ready to fully embrace another journey. This one will be huge because of its wonderful timing.

    In this journey I will combining 2 of the biggest industries out there. I'm talking about the Forex Market and good old powerful Network Marketing.

    I have some past MLM experience, with some pretty decent earnings for a college student (love residual income). But I had to stop because of real life issues. I'm now back at it with an agressive online+offline gameplan, a different company that pays insanely well and a product that people love and are actually making money with! Shouldn't be too hard to distribute, since everyone's basically looking for a way to make extra money, and this opportunity provides them with 2 different income sources (using the product and sharing the product).

    I'm not going into details regarding the product, it's basically an all-in-one pack for newbies to earn in the forex market while learning how to trade (there is an auto-trader, a harmonic pattern scanner, live trading rooms and plenty of educational stuff). Don't get me wrong, I know how volatile and risky the forex market is, but it's all about risk management. The auto-trader's past results and all the statistics are public, and there is also a simulator for people to see how much they can make depending on their initial deposit. So people really understand that value of the product in their hands (the whole package goes for $150/month, pretty cheap also).

    The Ultimate Goals

    MLM income
    So the company pays out weekly and has different levels of compensation. Here are my specific goals:

    • 3 months from now: Platinum 2000 (about $1000 per week residual). 125 people in my organisation
    • 9 months from now: Chairman 8 (about $4000 per week residual). 500 people in my organisation
    • 12 months from now: Chairman 16 (about $8000 per week residual). 700 people in my organisation

    FOREX income
    I will be daytrading by myself with the harmonic scanner, will be putting a lot of my mlm income back into the auto-trader, and will be earning money from my broker's affiliate program. Don't really know how much exactly i'll be making with all of this, but I guess it depends on a lot of stuff. The auto-trader I will be using is called Smooth Sterling and has an average compound monthly growth of 9.90%

    The Road to Get There

    1- Intro
    a- Present the opportunity to my inner circle, family & friends. (DONE)
    b- Start a Facebook page about forex trading. (DONE)
    c- Build a website which automatically converts the leads gathered from the FB page into wanting more info/buying the product. (DONE)
    d- Write some articles on the site and share them on the FB page. (DONE)

    2- Grind
    a- Run FB ads saying we are looking for people who are interested in making money trading.
    b- Tell people to watch the webinar coming up (I'll be doing webinars 1-2-3 times per week).
    c- Grow the page with giveaways and videos showing the lifestyle.
    d- Rinse and repeat.

    3- Going International
    Since the company can be distributed in 120+ countries, a huge part of my goal will be achieved outside of North America.
    a- Head to a certain country and do home events with leaders in my organisation.
    b- Use the AirBnb app and travel to many places.
    c- Shoot videos while traveling

    So that's basically it! I love MLM (especially done online) and feel like this journey is going to be pretty sick, with a great product that people will actually use and love to share with others.

    I am currently Platinum 600 ($300/week residual) that's 12 people in my organisation.
    I currently have $2500 placed in the auto-trader.

    Let's see where this brings me! :D
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    Intriguing journey. Subscribing for regular updates. All the best.
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    Looks like a great journey to follow along on. Good luck.
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    keep on this journey bro ...
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    UPDATE #1

    Alright guys so here's what's been going on so far.
    There's currently a 14-day promo which lets people try out the company's products for $1!
    So for the next 14 days I'll be getting as many leads as possible to open a brokerage account and try the harmonic scanner for $1.

    I am currently running a $50 giveaway on my facebook page for people who like and tag a friend who should try trading the forex market.
    By doing this, I am growing the FB page and letting the distributors in my organisation tag their leads!

    Customers in organisation: 14
    Facebook page likes: 225
    Weekly FB total reach: 6300

    Trading profit: $0
    Weekly residual: ~$230

    I have entered my first trades for the week this morning. Should have decent profit over night!
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